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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tumblr Blog and a Hekatean Project

I have a tumblr which is where I usually post things that are less associated with my Wicket Icons work and more about my nerdiness. But for now, it's also hosting a series of posts about Hekate which might be of interest to my followers here.

You'll find the masterlist of the posts here.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hekate's Many Names pt. 3 (3 of 3)

Epithets with little to no evidence of any variety that I've found thus far. I suspect this list will change extensively. 

Embroidery for Hekate - by me, 2011.

Androphonos: Killer of Men
Antania: Enemy of Mankind
Arkaia: misinterpreted as associated with a bear, but what little I have found implies an association with age. 

Bolos: of questionable meaning but possibly as Far-Thrower. Bolos variously suggests an earthy stone, but forms a root word for the epithet Deer-shooting as well as the word for catching fish. Bolos can imply taking possession of something.
Chrysosandeimopichthonia: Supposedly means "Goddess of the Underworld Who wears Golden Sandals and Drinks Blood": No evidence that the epithet exists historically.
Drakaina: She-Snake: The Greek word for female dragon or serpent, but it has no connection with Hekate.
Eranne: Lovely
Helike: revolving, seems to get mistranslated as Willow: Helike was a polis on the Gulf of Corinth, and the name of a star in the sky. There is no connection with Hekate. says the word for Willow was Itea.
Hersechthonia: Speaking from Below
Hexacheira: of six-ways, of six hands
Hipparete: Horse-speaker: The name of the wife of Alcibiades. No relation to Hekate.
Kalkaea: Wearer of High Boots:  The word seems to have no relation to boots of any sort, nor to be of Greek origin.
Lochais: Midwife: I've thus far only found it referenced in blogs. The word 'Lochai' is found in John Scarborough's Facets of Hellenic Life but I have not had a chance to read the book.
Mageus: One who Kneads, potentially has roots in the word 'Magi.'
Meisopomenos: Laborer of the Moon
Moira: A Share, Fate:  Connections between Hekate and the Moirae seem to be largely speculative with no definitive historical evidence.
Oxythymia: Quick to Anger?: Aristarchus says that oxythymia are gallows trees. See Groaning Tears: Ethical and Dramatic Aspects of Suicide in Greek Tragedy by Elise P. Garrison, Brill Press.
Panopaea: All-seeing, panorama: The name of a Nereid.
Prothegetis: Leader
Rhododaktylos: Rosy-fingered:  Traditionally an epithet of Eos. Though Eos and Hekate share the epithet saffron-cloaked, there is no evidence that Hekate bore the name thus far.
Tymborychos: Gravedigger