Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tarot Code of Ethics

On Tarot:
In my personal experience, Tarot does not tell the future, but gives you a glimpse of possibilities, assuming that all things remain the same.

Readings are conversations that happen between the client, reader and the cards. Dialogue and discussion is part of the package. You will have a much better reading if you are willing to discuss the cards and how you respond to the imagery, as well as the situation overall. Ultimately, you are responsible for what you take away from the reading, as well as, responsible for your own life situation. Act according to your own conscience. Tarot is for insight, not direction, and should not be used to dictate how to live.

I have been reading tarot for a bit over twenty years, and various oracle cards for about fifteen years. In spite of those years of experience, I am not certified with the ATA or the TCBA. I have done readings in stores professionally in the past, and have taught introductory courses on cartomancy through the Pagan Student Alliance at Stephen F. Austin State University.

Tarot Code of Ethics:
1. Tarot readings will be kept confidential as far as the reader is legally able. No one will learn the querent's name or the results of the reading.

2. I cannot in good conscience provide advice about health, or do readings about people other than the querent. If a reading concerns the querent and others, the reading will be shaped to emphasize the role that the client has played in the situation.

3. I conduct my readings with respect for all clients, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender, age, sexual preference, etc.

4. I will represent my experience with Tarot and other systems of divination honestly.

5. In situations where financial, legal, medical, or psychological matters outpace my expertise, I will recommend that the client seek out professional advice as appropriate.

6. I respect my client's right to refuse or end their reading at any time.

7. I reserve the right to refuse a client or a particular question if necessary, and will return any funds that were received for that purpose.

8. I will not do readings for minors unless their parents are present at the reading. In distance readings (via email), I will assume that paypal payments are proof of the eligibility of the client.

9. I will interpret the reading to the best of my ability but will be honest when I draw a blank. I am not infallible, and will speak as clearly as I can.

For further insight into your rights as a client, please check the links below that helped inspire the above code.

This code of ethics is inspired by:

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