Wednesday, May 25, 2011

World Tarot Day

Today is World Tarot Day. Most people have no idea what Tarot is actually about. It doesn't predict the future. It describes the potential energy in a situation. Even getting a reading can trigger changes in that moment. With a good tarot reader, one will be better informed as to how to change the state you are presently in for the better.

Tarot is a conversation between the conscious self and other aspects of the self and the reader. It should engage all parties.

I bought my first tarot deck when I was about fifteen, and haven't looked back since. That deck is sitting in the other room. I've taught classes on reading the cards intuitively, because people seem hung up on the little white book, and think that you have to memorize each card's list of keywords.

I have about forty decks, but only two or three are in circulation at a time. Each New Moon and Full Moon I pull an oracle card for a theme for meditation for that part of the cycle. Currently, the card is from an Animal Oracle, and is the Raven. Its a call to listen to my intuition, to consider how Mother Nature makes use of everything no matter how disgusting or surprising that might be.

One of the problems with working with tarot is figuring out what your limit might be, that is, how much is too much tarot. People get addicted to the illusion of certainty. And it is an illusion. It provides insight, not answers, and it is never certain.

We all have days when our intuition is off-kilter, when we aren't listening, when the answer we want just isn't there and we're ignoring what we see.

The best way to counter all that is to pay attention. Do a daily tarot pull, but pay attention to how connected and centered you feel when you are doing so. My own method of daily reading is thus:
I shuffle thoroughly after meditation, which helps me to be centered. Then I cut the deck three ways, and draw one card. I write down in my journal the date, the card and the first three things that come to mind when I'm looking at the card. Then I pull out my tarot journal that includes notes on that card and check the meanings there, writing down any that jump out at me for the entry of the day.
Having done all that, I look at the previous day's entry, and underline those terms and notes that seem to have actually occurred. Sometimes it is very accurate, and sometimes I only underline one term.

I don't do this if I'm sick, or haven't had adequate sleep, or if I'm distracted. Because then I know my reading isn't going to be worth crap.

Which is why my original plan for World Tarot Day isn't going to happen. I have many distractions going on right now, and I'll implement my surprise later for you, my what, three readers? :)

Woohoo! Three readers! Plus another who uses facebook to see what I'm saying.
Suffice to say that my plan involves offering a new service over at Wicket Icons, and that it involves Tarot. I hope to get it set up by next weekend.

In between that time, the shop will, sadly be closed while I do some very important things. :)

So, in simpler language. The shop will be closed: this Friday May 27, 2011 until June 3, 2011. At that point, I'll unveil my latest offering for you, my friends and customers.

I hope you have a blessed and beautiful week. Happy World Tarot Day!

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