Thursday, September 29, 2011

44 Days of Witchery: Day 3

3. Witchy tools: Athame(s)

I have two, one of which is extremely non-traditional.

There you have it. My first Athame was a letter opener. My second was a kris knife a friend gave me. I still have that one stashed away for the day when I can do some much needed repairs on it.

The two I use now are as follows.
My older of the two is the deer antler pocket knife. I use it as an athame and as an art tool and for harvests. I am not one who believes that the athame shouldn't be used to cut. It's a knife! If the athame is a symbol of one's Will, it does not do to immediately castrate the item's central purpose of being.

The other I commissioned from Lupa. She is far more specialized and nothing feels like she does in ritual. She responds very quickly to me and is truly my ritual knife. She is not sharp, but her purpose is not the same as that of a pocket knife, and she does her job very well.

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