Thursday, February 2, 2012

Old Charges

I'm deep into my Imbolc tradition of sorting through every drawer, nook and cranny and purging what isn't necessary. Sometimes I find treasures I could never part with, and sometimes there's a pile of donations and trash that might suggest that I'm battling some deep issues.

Every once in a while I find something really good from my spiritual path that I feel compelled to record or tweak or otherwise do what I can to preserve it. This time I thought I'd share.

What follows is a pair of re-written Charges based on the lessons written by Jet for the Dragon's Wheel Witchcraft classes. They're way more gender-balanced than my practice is today (I'm not much into dichotomy today, really... and polarity doesn't work for me at all anymore. Spectra are much better for me today.) In spite of that, I see some jewels shining here, enough that I felt compelled to share.

This is pre-Hekate, and pre-Kemetic... so likely about 2002ish? Not sure really.

Without further delay...

Charge of the Ineffable Goddess

By flame, by thorn and bloom
by ocean, by glade and desert
by blood, by pain and pleasure
I speak the wisdom of the Ages

The ages pass and are but moments for me
Yet I hear each word you speak
Long have I stood and watched you march
the progress of your days.

I am the spark that changes,
the flesh that calls your need,
the death that is a door
the cry of the newborn freed

pound frustrations in my presence
sing dirges in my sight
tell me of your romance
whisper hoarsely of your pains

I am the mother of creation
the devourer of worlds
the child you long to see
the lover's kiss upon you

My beloved here beside me
I have taught you how to sing
to dance and move with grace
and honor as your guide

cherish the gifts around you
embrace the days you see
Give thanks for every shadow
for they allow you to see

I am the marrow and the blood,
the heart of all creation
Embrace me in light and dark
sense my presence at your side

Along the path of choice
only you may ride
act not in hubris
but pursue your truest Will

For though these words be truthful
know the awful fact,
though I am known,
I am ineffable and free.

Charge of the Ineffable God

By horn, by blade and hoof
By forest, by field and glade
by blood, bone and spirit
I speak the wisdom of the ages

Ageless I am
I was young and ancient
when humanity first saw me

I am the leaping fire
of hearth and soul
the dancing of the ages
the march of time
the martial drum
the whisper of sages

Tell me of your sorrows
bring to me your joys
sing to me your rages
and shout to me your fears

I am the father of your spirit
the child of your past
the son you lost to illness
the daughter never come to pass

my lady love beside me
I challenge you to stand
strong in Will and honor
to travel your own path

Beauty shall you cherish
and thanks shall fill your heart
compassion be your guidance
and the warrior in your soul

Never shall we part
for I am within every soul
Hunt me in the darkness
perceive me in the light
Sense my aegis and my love
but do not swell too far with pride

For though these words be spoke in truth
they are too small and frail
a simple of my nature
I am ineffable and free.

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