Friday, May 13, 2011

Tomorrow is Huge for me

and it's all about Hekate.

The house is as spotless as I can get it without making it feel sterile, the food prep is almost finished, and my offerings are ready I think.

I have preserved figs, double dipped dark chocolate and white chocolate blackberries and cherries, the fixings for gyros and Greek salad and a lemonade that has watermelon in it. A friend is making homemade real Baklava. Another friend is bringing more food, and I'm making that Southern classic, sun tea (with Moroccan Mint in it).

There are eight people that I know are coming, most of whom celebrated The Rite of Her Sacred Fires a year ago with me. This time, though, my best friends - who couldn't be there last year - will join us.

Last Spring, I was surfing on Facebook and came across a request from Sorita D'Este for Art and Articles for a book on Hekate, and I got a nudge to show her my two paintings of Her.

Hekate v.1 by ~Neheti on deviantART

torchlit hekate by ~Neheti on deviantART

To my eternal joy and gratitude, both were accepted and I became a contributor to one of the most amazing projects: Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. That May, at the Full Moon, the first Rite of Her Sacred Fires joined thousands of followers of Hekate together.

Even then, I knew that this would become an annual thing. The ritual was amazing and pretty private that night.

Tomorrow we do it again, and I am blitzed with joy and pre-party jitters.

If I had the room, I'd have invited everyone I could think of in Texas, and there would be much scarier logistics. :)

Thankfully, my very not interested in any of this husband is amazing and wonderful and happy to help me out with all of this.

Now to go off and brew some non-hallucinatory kykeon for tomorrow.

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