Sunday, October 9, 2011

44 Days of Witchery: Day 13

Witchy Books that have influence my path:

I'm a bibliophile. There isn't a room in our home that doesn't have books, and we regularly struggle with figuring out where to put the new ones. I try to keep them organized, and all, but it would be in truth a full time job.

When I first started out, I wasn't very good at picking out reliable books. Early on, I picked up some that I still really appreciate like Ray Buckland's Big Blue Book, and Scott Cunningham's books on Wicca.

However, for a while there, my biggest influence was Edain McCoy... Potato Goddess and all...

But I got better. :)

These days I'm influenced more by Judika Illes, Phyllis Curott's Witchcrafting, and several books edited by Sorita D'Este and Bibliotheca Alexandria. Oh, and Dianne Sylvan! Along with some classics like Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner.

My practice is a heady mix of old school witchcraft, Wicca, mysticism and somewhat traditional Hellenism. Most of the time, anyway. Labels just don't fit well.

Lastly, in spite of the links to Amazon Pages, if you buy these books, support your local Pagan shops or your small publishing houses.
For Avalonia Press the address is

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