Tuesday, October 25, 2011

44 Days of Witchery: Day 25

What do my loved ones think about my witchery?

I know my mother's uncomfortable but resigned. It's actually a bit of a sore spot. Some of my proudest moments have to do with my spiritual path, and she has absolutely no pride about those contributions. In her mind, my other endeavors are the only ones that count. Contributing to Sorita d'Este's Hekate: Her Sacred Fires matters for naught.

Oh well. I can only control myself.

My friends are largely either at peace with it, are Pagan themselves, or are vaguely uncomfortable-ish but don't say anything.

It doesn't come up much to be honest. I don't deny my spiritual life, but I also don't shove it at people.

My husband has absolutely no issue with it whatsoever. His step-mother and I have had discussions and she's intrigued. His father doesn't seem to have issues, nor his siblings.

Truth be told, I suspect that my in-laws are more at peace with it than my family.
One of my brothers is a bit anti-organized religion and spirituality as a whole. The rest of the family are pretty diverse religiously. We have Church of Christ, Baptist, Catholic, Atheist, and me... the Witch and Mystic.

So yeah, a mixed reception to be sure. The worst reactions have come from complete strangers, and those have been visceral and awful, but were totally the issue of the person rather than my own baggage. I don't worry about it much.

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