Sunday, October 2, 2011

44 Days of Witchery: Day 6

A favorite god:

I don't really have a practice with a God at the moment, but I have had such in the past. One of them, I suspect, is waiting for me to ask him back, so I'll talk him up today.

So what's with the photo of the kite?

Amun, the Egyptian Blue-skinned God. Primordial and immense in his nature, the surviving stories of him describe him as one of the creators of the Universe. His name means Hidden, and I associate perfect blue skies with him. He's what isn't readily visible in the photo.

Because he's so enigmatic and vast, I have trouble describing him and feeling like I'm remotely doing him justice. (I can say the same thing about Hekate, but there's been a lot more written about her than Amun and my relationship with her is more intimate.)

He's a wind god, and thus a god of storms. He can take the form of a ram, frog, or a goose, but don't think that that indicates that he lacks for authority. He's the King of the Gods, even when he isn't syncretized with Ra.

His wife is Mut, or sometimes Amunet. Luxor, which is overrun by tourists in Egypt today, was his temple, and some of the most magnificent art I have seen from Kemet was worked in his honor.

In the times that I have sensed him, it has been during crisis, and has been a comforting presence, a brief insight that the geese flying nearby aren't just a coincidence.

Just thinking about him makes me smile, yet Hekate is the primary force in my life right now and he seems okay with that. I know that when the time comes and I am ready, Amun will still be there.

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